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Posting of workers to foreign work assignments

From time to time international enterprises send skilled personnel on foreign assignments. For the enterprises and the employees it is essential not only to know exactly how to apply the tax provisions in the host country but also in the native country likewise. We advise you particularly on:

Core competence international tax law

We support you in  all questions concerning the taxation of labor income in Germany. This concerns the departure and employee transfer abroad. We accompany foreign workers posted to Germany in the classification and fulfillment of their domestic tax obligations.

International network of experts

Based on our expertise and our international network, we support employees and companies in all tax, legal and social security issues.

  • posting of workers from Germany to a foreign country
  • posting of workers from a foreign country to Germany
  • frontier workers
  • applying double-taxation agreement
  • are the posted workers in the sending country liable to pay income tax or in the country they are supposed to work in?
  • is it possible that the posting of workers unintentionally leads to establishing of new business premises?
  • preparation of income tax returns for posted workers
  • application for child subsidy for posted EG-workers in Germany in certain cases